Install Fenix App

Fenix Autopilot App is the Android application that will allow you to manage Fenix Autopilot. Full calibration and operation functionalities are available.

Using your Android mobile,

  • Install Virtuino Viewer V6 App from Google Play Store,
  • Download Virtuino for Fenix project file to Android Download folder in your mobile,

Check last version here.

To install Virtuino for Fenix project,

  • Open Virtuino Viewer
  • In the main menu, select Load project
  • Select Project folder: Android Download folder
  • Select Fenix.vrt file
  • “Accept” to install Fenix App to the start screen.

To pair your mobile with Fenix Autopilot through bluetooth,

  • In your Android Mobile select Settings–>Connections–>Bluetooth
  • Select HC-05 device (ensure your Fenix Autopilot is powered-on)
  • Enter PIN: 1234
  • Once HC-05 device is paired,
  • Enter into Fenix Autopilot App to check correct connection.