Welcome to Fenix Autopilot!

Make an autopilot by your own!

Fenix Autopilot is a DIY project aimed to provide an alternative to commercial autopilots.

The definitive Opensource autopilot for small to medium sailing boats!

I am a passionate of sail cruising. In my aim to equipe my weekender boat, I faced the need for navigation aids. Disregarding the reduction of costs that electronics have suffered, a basic navigation system is still very expensive and out of my budget.

I may understand there are many other people also interested in such a system but not able to find a complete and documented solution to be adopted.


3 Working modes: Stand-by, Auto and Waypoint Tracking

Android App connected with Bluetooth

OpenCPN Integration

Electronic compass and linear actuator calibration from Android App

NMEA Interface

Out of course alarm

Plug and play: Minimum installation and configuration required

Open I/F: develop your own autopilot controller

Automatic deadband